Endorsement from Jerry Iverson

My name is Jerry Iverson and I live in Outagamie County. I served on the County Board and other County committees for six years. I currently serve on the Health and Human Services Board for the County. I whole heartedly endorse Cathy Thompson for re-election as County Board Supervisor for District 1. 

I have known Cathy Thompson for many years and I am impressed with her interest in our County. She actively supports public transportation, assistance for people with mental illness, housing, and other human services to improve the lives of people in our community and the County.  

Cathy currently serves on the County Board and also serves on the Health and Human Services Board for Outagamie County. She is active in attending Board meetings and Committee meetings. She has expressed support for Brewster Village as well as other County provided services to help people stay in their homes. 

She voted to support services for veterans. Cathy also works very hard to help the County manage the overall budget. 

While she continues her work on the Health and Human Services Board, Cathy has taken the lead in supporting the County Board’s resolution to support nonpartisan redistricting for Wisconsin legislative districts. The work of the County can be improved if State legislative districts are formed by a nonpartisan Redistricting Board. 

Please re-elect Cathy Thompson to the Outagamie County Board- District 1.